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Rental Resources

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Finding Affordable Housing Isn't Easy!

Look everywhere! Churches, the bulletin boards at the library and laundromat, Facebook pages, ask at your children's school, ask people to keep a look out for For Rent signs in their neighborhood. The more people who know what you need, the more people can help you.


Most of the sites below have the ability to customize your search by things like price range, number of bedrooms, and whether or not pets are accepted. Some of the sites have listings for rooms or roommates, others full units, some both.  Be sure to look at the available options.


Also, many of the sites below have the ability to save your search, receive notifications of new and updated listings, etc.  If you do this, you will receive updates in your email on a regular basis.


In this ultra-competitive market, also consider creating a Tenant Résumé, and have it ready to get the attention of the property owner/manager the second you see something you like.


If you are on a low or fixed income, please try the following sites for leads and local rental listings (and if we are missing an important resource, please let us know at


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