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Housing Navigation Services

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The Housing Navigation and Eviction Prevention Program is a multifaceted approach aimed at addressing homelessness and its root causes within our community. This program combines various services and resources to support individuals and families facing homelessness or housing instability. Our mission is to provide a holistic approach to homelessness prevention and intervention, enabling individuals to secure stable housing and regain their self-sufficiency.

Housing Navigation

Expert housing navigators work closely with clients to assess their unique housing needs and preferences.

Navigators provide guidance and support in searching for affordable housing options, understanding lease agreements, and connecting with landlords.

Assistance is tailored to the individual's circumstances including those facing barriers such as mental health issues, substance abuse, or disabilities.

Eviction Prevention

Clients receive guidance on tenant rights, negotiation with landlords, access to legal aid services and provision of rental assistance is available.

Financial aid may be provided in the form of rental assistance and rental arrears payments to eligible individuals to prevent eviction and maintain stable housing.

Short-Term Motel Stays

Safe and warm shelter is provided on a short-term basis in local motels or resorts for individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

Clients receive temporary shelter during extreme weather or while a housing plan is in process, with access to case management services.

During each motel stay, our staff works with clients to develop personalized housing plans and connect them to appropriate resources.

Utility Assistance

Financial assistance is provided to eligible individuals and families facing utility disconnection.

Education on energy conservation and budgeting is offered to help clients maintain affordable utility bills.

Move-In Assistance

Clients who have secured stable housing but lack the resources for move-in costs can access financial assistance.

This assistance covers security deposits, first month's rent, and essential household items.

Support is also available for setting up utilities and establishing a stable living environment.

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A Word to Our Local Landlords and Property Management Companies

At Mountain Homeless Coalition, we understand that a strong partnership between landlords and our agency is crucial in our mission to combat homelessness. We offer dedicated landlord support services to ensure that renting to individuals and families in need is a positive experience for both parties. Our team provides guidance on lease agreements, performs basic tenant vetting, offers mediation in case of disputes, and assists with rent payments when necessary. By working collaboratively with landlords, we can create stable housing solutions that benefit our clients and the community as a whole. Join us in making a difference by becoming a partner in our efforts to end homelessness. Together, we can provide safe, affordable housing and change lives for the better.

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Key Program Goals

  • Prevent homelessness by addressing eviction threats and providing support to at-risk individuals and families.

  • Help clients secure stable, affordable housing through housing navigation and move-in assistance.

  • Provide short-term motel stays and basic necessities to those experiencing homelessness.

  • Promote financial stability through utility assistance and financial counseling.

  • Foster self-sufficiency by connecting clients to employment, education, and healthcare resources.

  • Establish strong relationships with local landlords and property management companies.

Program Outcomes

The Housing Navigation and Eviction Prevention Program aims to reduce homelessness rates in our community, improve housing stability, and enhance the overall well-being of individuals and families served. Success will be measured through metrics such as reduced eviction rates, increased housing placements, decreased motel stays, and improved financial stability among program participants.


By addressing homelessness comprehensively and collaboratively, we are committed to making a positive and lasting impact on the lives of those we serve while contributing to the well-being and stability of our community.

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