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We never share your information! We will only use your contact info the way in which you ask us to, whether you want to be added to our E-mail list or if you would like a phone call. Nothing more!
Get In Touch!

Are you homeless or at risk of being homeless?

There are probably sources of help. If you can, call 2-1-1 right away. The courteous and helpful operators with this United Way agency know every single resource in​ the County. They'll take your information and help you choose how best to seek help.

But if this is not possible, or you find it difficult to talk about these matters, call us - we can help or do it for you.   

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Would you like to be involved with our coalition?

Every person on our contact list is valuable. Some volunteer to make up bags of snacks or hygiene items. Some help with the Facebook page or Website. 


Some people are simply too busy to volunteer time, but are happy to donate cash. The best donation is a small monthly amount; that allows us to plan our donations to local nonprofits or the School District - or programs designed to help High School Students.


Contact us using the form at the left and a representative will reach you to help you contribute. If you would like to make sure your donation goes to a particular program, just let us know in your message!

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