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March 2023 - Storm Response - last updated March 20

If you are, or know of a mountain resident who has been displaced by the storm and is in need of shelter:

  • Call our helpline at 909-713-4099

County Local Assistance Centers open this weekend

The County is establishing three Local Assistance Centers (LACs) to connect mountain residents with a variety of essential County, state, and private sector resources.

On Saturday and Sunday, March 25 and 26, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., LACs will be in operation at Charles Hoffman Elementary School in Running Springs and Valley of Enchantment Elementary School in Crestline. 

Dates and hours of operation could be affected by weather conditions. Please call the Storm Information Line at 909-387-3911 or check the County's social media platforms for updates. 

Services will include building & safety, insurance information, assistance for seniors, public health, tax and property resources, help for veterans, snow removal and reimbursement, advice on hiring contractors, behavioral health, help for small businesses, transitional assistance, employment assistance, legal services, and general disaster aid and relief.

The County will provide food distribution at each of the LACs for as long as supplies last.

Up to $2,500 for Mortgage, Rent or Hotel Reimbursement

Assistance is available for qualified applicants towards mortgage expense for the primary residence that was damaged during the snowstorms, rental costs due to displacement from the primary residence resulting from the snowstorms, or hotel reimbursement due to displacement from the primary residence resulting from the snowstorms.

Structural Damage Survey

The San Bernardino County Fire Protection District has created an online tool residents can use to report damage to their property.

At this time, damage assessment teams are having difficulty accessing some areas due to snow. The online Damage Assessment Tool allows home and business owners to report damage not noticeable from an exterior survey.

Information collected though the survey will be shared with local, state, and federal agencies to assist with disaster relief.

You may be contacted at your property by the County Damage Assessment Unit if your reported damage meets the reporting criteria. Please be advised this service will not generate an emergency response. You can access the survey tool by clicking here.

County Response

Snow Removal Reimbursement

San Bernardino County is now offering up to $500 in reimbursement to residents and business owners to cover snow removal costs on private driveways, walkways, and roads. Snow removal costs incurred between February 22, 2023 and May 1, 2023 are eligible, and claims for reimbursement must be submitted by May 10, 2023.

To take advantage of this new benefit, property owners will need to hire and pay a private vendor for snow removal services. Following completion of the work, applicants will upload an invoice or receipt, along with before and after photos, to the Snow Removal Reimbursement Program website. Reimbursement claims will be paid out via check within 30 days of receipt.

The website also contains a helpful list of local vendors who perform snow removal services. However, applicants are not required to use those identified on the list. Unoccupied residences and vacant parcels are not eligible for reimbursement, and only one reimbursement claim per property address will be accepted.

Trash Disposal

Household trash pickup is back to the regular schedule.

Mountain Homeless Coalition is providing motel stays to many extra households in the Big Bear area where an emergency shelter has not been set up, as well as to other Crestline families and seniors who have lost their homes in the storm.  We are also delivering food and hygiene items to those we are serving in the Big Bear area who cannot get out while the bus systems are not running.  Please contact us at 909-713-4099 to request help.

If you would like to help us with these unexpected costs, please consider donating using the Donate button at the bottom of the page.  


Lake Arrowhead home - March 4, 2023

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