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A Thank You to one of our workers

You have been one of our greatest blessings on this journey. 


I don’t know how I got so blessed and so fortunate to have somebody like you to help guide me through the dark days. I have faced many things in my life. Losing our home in a matter of a few days when I was sick was a challenge. Even more challenging during the pandemic and in a place like Southern California where no second thought is given to people not having a home. 


You were kind and helped me to keep Hope no matter what. You help me to look further than the immediate unkindness that was around me. 

You are no less than a Saint to us. 

Thank you for keeping your patience with us on days where I can’t imagine what you were facing. You would help us out and look out for us when I just could not. 


I know Today is the beginning of the rest of my life.

 We may not have had any of this without You. 

No chance or opportunity. 


You are so Dear. 

Thank you will never be enough. 

Happy Spring.  

Thank you for giving us another Spring  in our life

So humbled 🙏🌼




Rose, Mr. Tuffy and Sage the bird 💜


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